Are you trying to keep from turning your air conditioner on in the summer months to keep that utility bill down? Ever feel like the humidity and heat are drowning you? There are a lot of ways you can try and stay cool in the summer months without the air conditioner on. But what if I told you there was a way to stay cool with your air conditioner on and keep your utility bill down? That’s a win, win—right? Check out our 10 air conditioner tips to stay cool and save money.

  1. Turn AC Down During The Night: A lot of times at night the temperature cools down to a comfortable enough number to sleep. Most people are not as aware of how hot it is while sleeping so turning down your air conditioner at night can help to save you energy and money. If your air conditioner unit has a “sleep mode” that can help to lower the amount of cold air being pushed out through your unit and is set on a timer.
  2. Portable Units or Windows: If you’re just looking to cool down one room in your home than try a portable unit. These units less than 50% of the energy that normal air conditioners use. Now you can be cool and save more energy.
  3. Closing Off Vents: A basement is known as one of the coldest places in a house, because of this you should be closing the vents in the lower part of your home. By closing these vents the cold air that is naturally drawn down there will be forced to go to the top of your house cooling it as it goes back down.
  4. Service Your Air Conditioner: Making sure to keep your air conditioner in tip top shape is very important during the summer months when it is working overtime. Just a quick service check from us could save you a lot of money. Also making sure to check and see if those trees surrounding your unit are not dropping seeds or leaves into your unit making it work harder.
  5. Check Those Ducts: There are ducts in your home where air conditioning does not run through, make sure to check those ducts and see that they are properly insulated. Insulation in unused ducts can ensure that you are bringing in the coldest air possible, because no one wants to have that warm summer air coming through into their air conditioner home!
  6. Change Up That Furniture: Checking behind your furniture to make sure it is not hiding an air conditioning vent will help prevent you from cooling off your furniture instead of you! If needed plastic pieces are available for purchase to help direct air in the direction needed off your vents.
  7. 78 Degrees: The prime performance level for your air conditioning unit is running it at 78 degrees. Keeping your air conditioner going at a steady rate will help to optimize performance and save you money.
  8. Lighting: Making sure to check and see if your lights are off is a good way to reduce the energy and heat being used in your home. Also checking to see how much light is coming in through your windows and whether they are open or not can play an important role in the performance of your air conditioner.
  9. Are You Home?: When you are away try to set your air conditioner at 85 degrees and look to see that you have closed your windows and window shades. Even though this might cause your home to be a little warmer than you would want it keeps the warm air from the sun out which will allow the already cool air in your home to stay there longer. This will also allow your air conditioner a break from fighting to keep the rooms cool from the sun pouring its heat in through your windows.
  10. A Fan Can Be Your Best Friend: The air conditioner is relied on most in the summer months, but don’t forget the little things like a fan that can help to keep you cool as well. A fan can be used at night or during the day to keep that cool air circulating.