If you live anywhere that gets remotely hot in the summer than you probably have an air conditioner unit. That big, not-so-cute box probably sits outside your home sticking out amongst your beautiful yard. You may not be able to change the look of your air conditioner or completely cover it, but you can certainly disguise it.

We’ve scoured the World Wide Web to find 14 easy and inexpensive DIY ideas to help conceal your air conditioner. These AC ideas not only hide your unit, but it can also protect it from the elements of weather and nature.

Please Keep In Mind:

  • You and your HVAC technician should still be able to easily access the unit. NO NOT fully over your unit.
  • Your air conditioner unit still needs airflow to function properly, so make sure you are not limiting that airflow. Never block the airflow!
  • Shrubs and landscaping can provide a windbreak, sound barrier, and shading, but keep them far enough away from the unit as not to interfere with performance or servicing.
  • Leaving your outdoor unit free to breathe will improve ventilation and help it run more efficiently. Shrubs and fencing should be at least 18 inches from all sides of the unit.

1.Traditional Stain 

2. Artificial Boxwood Hedge 

3. Use Leftover Fencing 

4. Stained Lattice 

5. Trellis

6. Mosaic Artwork 

7. Plant a Garden 

8. Keep It Simple

9. Clean Lines 

10. Chevron Wall 

11. Metal Sheeting 

12. White Vinyl 

13. Modern Design 

14. Multiple Widths Design