Air conditioning problems always seem to arise at the worst time—am I right? Waiting to get your air conditioner maintenanced until something goes wrong can be expensive, especially when regular and affordable check ups can help to prevent you from spending the big bucks. Scheduling a maintenance service with our professionals can help to ensure that your AC or Furnace is running when you need it the most. So what are the four AC repair issues that you should look for?

Dirty Air Filter
A dirty air filter can cause many problems no matter the time of year. Air conditioners need a sufficient amount of air flowing through its system. This is why it is strongly suggested to change out that air filter every month or so. When an air filter is too dirty, it can stop the airflow to your AC and let damaging debris through and possibly even freeze up the coil. 

Refrigerant Leak
Most people have heard of “Freon” when it comes to their air conditioner system. Freon is a universal name for all types of refrigerant. Most people confuse the fact that refrigerant must be refilled frequently. If you are habitually running out of refrigerant – you have a leak. Refrigerant is a very important component to your AC system, and its meant to stay in your AC for its entire life.

A refrigerant leak means that you may not be experiencing as cold of air throughout your home. This is most noticeable in the summer months when it is hot out. A regular maintenance check for leaks and possibly repair them if possible.

Condensate Line Cleaning
This repair issue is one you really want to avoid. Having a clogged condensate line can mean that water could back up and run all over your furnace and possibly damage flooring around the furnace. This can be caused from dirt and debris or buildup from the coil. AC Maintenance includes a quick check and a cleaning of your air conditioner system condensate drain, which can prevent this repair issue from happening.

Dirty Outside Condenser Coil
When your outside AC unit is dirty it works way harder than it should to cool your home. Your AC works best when its clean and free from dirt and debris. Throughout the spring and summer, the AC unit collects dirt, grass, leaves, cottonseed and other debris as it runs. That dirt can restrict air floor and cause the AC to work longer and at a higher temp than its designed to. Keeping your AC clean will increase the life of your system and Save you money.

Replacement of Major System Component
You DO NOT want to deal with this repair in the middle of summer. Trying to get a component that fits your specific system can be timely and empty your wallet. In an emergency situation you may end up paying more in repair costs than it would cost if you had a maintenance service checkup.

Don’t wait for a repair issue to stop you from enjoying your summer, call now and set up a maintenance service check with Modern Mechanical!