Feeling like your still outside when your air conditioner is supposedly cooling your home? There can be many reasons your AC isn’t working properly and we are here to inform you how to troubleshoot those problems. Below we have split up air conditioner fixes into two categories: Solutions you can try and solutions that should be left for the professionals.

AC Problems You Can Solve

  1. Thermostat is set to “ON” instead of “AUTO”

Is your AC blowing out lukewarm air sometimes and cold air other times? Make sure you are checking your thermostat to see if it is set to “ON” or “AUTO”. Having your thermostat set to “ON” means it is blowing air all the time whether it is cold or not. The easy solution to this problem is to set your thermostat to “AUTO”.

  1. Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow through your HVAC system; less airflow can lead to more AC problems. With a dirty air filter, your AC can struggle to move the proper amount of air over the evaporator coil. It will eventually cause problems and even freeze up, causing unwanted water damage to your furnace or to your basement. Restricted airflow also causes the fan to work harder than is should causing an increased monthly utility bill. The solution to this problem is to frequently check your air filters to make sure they are clean. If you struggle to remember when you last changed it – write the date you change it on the filter itself that way you won’t forget. Depending on your filter, be sure and change your furnace filter every 30-90 days.

  1. Dirty outside AC unit

The way that your AC cools your home is through the inside unit absorbing the hot air in your home and than transferring that heat to your outside unit. Your outside unit can’t get rid of that heat if it is dirty or has debris on it. The solution to this problem is to take your garden hose (not a pressure washer) and hose off your outside unit and clean off any dirt or debris.

AC Problems Modern Mechanical Should Solve

  1. A broken or faulty condenser fan motor

If the fan on your outdoor unit is broken or faulty, the unit cannot turn the warm air into cool air thus meaning your house will not be air-conditioned. Turn the unit off and Call us right away! Letting the unit run could cause more damage and cost more to repair.

  1. Low refrigerant charge or refrigerant leak

“Freon” as it’s called should never leak out. If your air conditioner was installed correctly it should last a very long time. “Freon” or “Refrigerant” is a Liquid that absorbs the heat from your air inside your home and brings it outside. When that refrigerant level runs low or you don’t have any at all, your AC can’t remove the heat outside properly. Having a low refrigerant level means one thing: You have a refrigerant leak. Call Modern Mechanical to see about your options!

Signs of a refrigerant leak:

  • Ice buildup on the outside unit or the refrigerant lines
  • Hissing or bubbling noises
  • Your AC is not cooling your home on hot days, but cools on cool days and or at night

If any of these signs are apparent to you, you need to turn off your AC and call us immediately. If you continue to run your AC in this state, you can cause damage that can result in needing a costly repair or worse – a new air conditioning unit.

  1. Bad compressor

The heart of your AC unit is the compressor. It pumps refrigerant between the inside and outside units. When weak or damaged the AC will not cool your home. Testing and Diagnosing a compressor can only done by a trained and licensed technician and can be very tricky. We see more misdiagnosed or “Bad” compressors each year because todays technicians simply were never taught how to properly test or diagnose a compressor or they would rather sell you a new air conditioner. Sadly, compressors are quite pricey and unless your compressor is under warranty, getting a whole new air conditioning unit may be the way to go.