So, why is it important to keep the HVAC duct system in your home clean? When you have clean ducts your air conditioner system will last longer because less dirt will be there to wear it out. If you are someone that dusts your home regularly, try integrating this into your routine. If you are someone with allergies cleaning your ducts will be a welcome improvement.

There are many different types of duct systems, but the way to clean these systems is the same. Reaching every area of these systems to clean may not be doable, but you will still be making a difference in the quality of your air.

Things you will need to clean your ducts out with include:

  1. Air Filter

At the end of cleaning out your ducts you will need to replace the air filter. Make sure to buy the right filter for your air conditioner.

  1. Vacuum

A household vacuum with an attached hose will work just fine but if available, a shop vacuum unit will do the job better.

  1. Brush

A toilet brush or a stiff-bristle paintbrush will help scrub your vents.

  1. Screwdriver or Hex Driver

Your registers are probably held in place with some type of fastener. You will need a screwdriver of some sort or hex driver to get the registers open.

  1. Paper Towels

You will need to use paper towels to cover other registers while you are cleaning one, to help eliminate the spread of dust to your home.

Step-By-Step Duct Cleaning

Step 1: Cover supply registers

The first step to cleaning your ducts is to cover up your supply registers, which are the openings that supply the AC throughout your home. This is where the paper towels come in to play. All you have to do is lift up the register and wrap the paper towel over the top and than put the register back down.

Step 2: Turn on fan

While you are cleaning you want to keep the fan on to help move the dust while you are brushing and vacuuming. Set your thermostat to “fan on” and turn off the heat and cool mode.

Step 3: Check filter

Check to see that your air conditioners filter is in place and ready to catch all that dust you have gotten rid of.

Step 4: Loosen dust in ducts

It is know time to knock loose that buildup of dust on your ductwork. Use the handle of your brush to tap on any of the accessible ducts that are in your basement, Doing this will break up the deposits of dust that may be stuck on the sides of the duct.

Step 5: Clean supply registers

Now start sweeping out the dust in the supply registers. Using the vacuum put the end of the hose to the register and lift the register up. The hose will catch the dust being pushed out of the fan. Push the hose as far into the registers piping as it can go to get those hard to reach places. .

Step 6: Clean return air registers

Sweep out the return air registers. These will need a screwdriver to get off the fasteners. Try to brush and vacuum out as far into the registers as you can go.

Step 7: Replace Air conditioner filter

Buy a higher quality filter to help minimize the dust in your home. A dirty filter restricts airflow. When determining when to change your filter take in consideration your home, pets, and location.

If you have questions on which filter to use or how often to replace them, give us a call today at (515) 635-5525.