As most of us already know, Iowa can get pretty hot in the summer months. Air conditioners are running constantly in order to keep our houses comfortable. The uncertainty of whether your air conditioning unit will last all summer can be a daunting thought. Stop stressing over your AC and let the professionals at Modern Mechanical ease your mind with our $69 AC Service Call special.  Today we’re giving you two main reasons to get a seasonal AC tune-up.

  1. Reduce AC Repairs

Preventative maintenance on your air conditioner can help to save you money in the long run. It can also lessen the amount of problems that could occur during the summer and future months. It may seem obvious, but scheduling an air conditioner service can help to keep those small problems from turning into a giant bill.

  1. System Longevity

Getting regular tune ups can help keep your air conditioners efficiency the very best. When you take care of your AC, it will take care of you. A service tune-up will help to keep your AC running to its full potential from the day summer starts to the day you decide to turn it off. Keep the comfort level you are used to while keeping your money in your wallet.

If your air conditioner is not running the way you want it to, please contact Modern Mechanical to come take a look at it. We can explain what is wrong and give you a quote to fix the problem. Now through the end of June 2018 we are offering an $69 service call!