The Advantages Of Replacing Your AC and Furnace At The Same Time

The heating and cooling you choose for your home greatly affects the comfort level you feel in the winter and summer months. When it is time to think about replacing both or one of your systems, you may be leaning towards replacing the one that causes you the most trouble and wait to replace the other.

Did you know that replacing both of your systems at the same time, even if one of your systems still works, could help to save you money and energy overtime?

Below you will see why we recommend replacing both your heating and cooling systems at the same time:

Energy Efficiency

If your system is between 10-15 years old, chances are that the heating and cooling systems being made today are more efficient and consume less energy. A newer system can last up to 15-20 years. To determine the efficiency on your existing unit, you’ll need to know the efficiency of the furnace or air handler and the SEER rating of the AC.

The Difference in Technology

If you mix your old unit with a new unit it can decrease its system performance due to differences in technology. The unit’s technology will not match and you will therefore not be utilizing your new systems technology to its fullest potential.

A matched system will save you money overtime. Matching components are built to work together maximizing their efficiency. Also, when you replace both systems and a problem occurs, they will both be under warranty.  Newer systems will require less attention and repairs.  Purchasing both systems at the same time will save you money on installation fees, due to a less complicated process.

Other Issues With an Unmatched System

When placing a new system with an old system, the result may end in frustration, discomfort, and additional costs. Taking an old system and putting it with a new system can also decrease the new systems lifespan you just bought.

Not sure what to do? Give Modern Mechanical a call and we can help you decide if replacing your heating and cooling system is the right move for you and your family’s home comfort.