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Act Fast: MidAmerican Rebates Decreasing By 40% in 2018

MidAmerican Rebates Decreasing By 40% in 2018 Yes, you read that right. MidAmerican HVAC rebates are decreasing by nearly 40% in 2018, which means you could be losing out on an average of $800 per heating and cooling system. Don't miss out on easy money back in your pocket. Get your new furnace or air conditioning

How To: Monitoring Your Indoor Air Quality The DIY Way

There are professional filtration and indoor air quality systems that are designed and installed in homes to help purify indoor air. While this may make a difference in some homes indoor air, it’s hard to determine what homes actually need these systems. Our professionals can run tests in your home to help determine what air

Repainting Your Home? Color Choice Affects Energy Efficiency

Choosing the exterior of your home is one of the hardest decisions. It’s important to think beyond just the aesthetics of your paint choice because, guess what, the color you choose for your exterior can have an affect on your energy bill. Below we have some tips for choosing the right color for making your

Advantages Of Replacing Your Heating And Cooling System Together

The Advantages Of Replacing Your AC and Furnace At The Same Time The heating and cooling you choose for your home greatly affects the comfort level you feel in the winter and summer months. When it is time to think about replacing both or one of your systems, you may be leaning towards replacing the

Finishing Your Basement? Heating And Air Conditioning Considerations

Do you have an unfinished basement that you’ve wanted to finish? And did you know, a finished basement can offer you a great return on investment, up to 70%.  Here are a few items to think about concerning your HVAC system before your start.  Heating and Air Conditioning Components An unfinished basement usually has furnaces,

Our Most Common Heating and Air Conditioning Questions By Homeowners

Your heating and cooling system is an important part in the function of your home because they affect the comfort levels of your home throughout the year. Many homeowners have questions about their heating and cooling systems as problems arise. Below you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked heating and

Should I Cover My Air Conditioner In The Fall & Winter In Iowa?

Maintenance on your heating and cooling systems are usually done once a year; air conditioner in the spring and your heating unit in the fall. Other than that, many people wonder if there outside unit may need to be covered during the cold months. There are more reasons than one to cover your outside air

Did You Know That The Wrong AC Filter Could Be Hurting Your Home?

Professionals say that you should be changing your air filter at least once every 1-2 months depending on your environment—climate, pets, etc. Most people think that you change your air filter to achieve cleaner air in your home. While this is true, we actually want you to change your air filters so that you are

The 4 Most Common AC Repair Issues To Look For

Air conditioning problems always seem to arise at the worst time—am I right? Waiting to get your air conditioner maintenanced until something goes wrong can be expensive, especially when regular and affordable check ups can help to prevent you from spending the big bucks. Scheduling a maintenance service with our professionals can help to ensure