The weather is starting to warm up and the need to turn your air conditioner on is just right around the corner. Did you know that when your air conditioner is running, so is your HVAC unit’s fan? The HVAC unit gives you an option to let your fan continue running after it has reached the desired temp or to be turned off. This choice is usually made between whether you want to keep costs down or keep your and your family comfortable.

When looking at an HVAC unit you generally only see two options for the fan: “auto” and “on”. The “auto” option for your HVAC fan means that it will run consistently with the air conditioner until the desired temp is met. If the fan setting is set to “on” it means that the air being blown into your vents will not shut off until the setting is changed.

There can be both benefits and downsides to the “auto” setting on your HVAC fan. One of the main benefits to “auto” is that it can help sustain the energy in your home. The filter used on your venting systems can last longer with “auto” as well because there will not be constant airflow through them. A downside of this setting is that your home’s air will eventually become stagnant due to your air conditioner shutting off when desired temp is met.

The “on” setting is the exact opposite of the “auto” setting in which air is being constantly renewed and your home will seem renewed and fresh. If you have allergies this setting can become a reliever to you also. Even though the “on” setting can seem like the better setting its downfalls are costly. Having 24/7 clean air will raise your monthly utility bill, along with your air filters needed to be changed out more frequently. Lastly if your duct work is not balanced or your furnace hasn’t been correctly set up, leaving your fan in the “on” mode could significantly raise your utility bill.

In the end the choice of which setting to use is up to you and whether comfort or cost is the more important factor. No matter what you choose, Modern Mechanical is here for all of your HVAC tune-ups, replacements, and questions!