Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair

Annual maintenance of your commercial air conditioner is essential to maintaining your unit(s) and getting the longest life possible out of them. Here are six reasons to keep up regularly scheduled maintenance on your commercial air conditioner:

  1. Keep up your warranty. In order to maintain your warranty, you need to have your air conditioner serviced once a year.
  2. Improve efficiency. Getting your commercial air conditioner maintenance will ensure that it is running smoothly and not working any harder than it has to to cool your business.
  3. Improve air quality. Air quality is important to the health of your employees and if your air filter is dirty, the air your breathing isn’t as clean as it can be. During your maintenance appointment we will make sure that your filter is clean and ready to purify your home.
  4. Save money. Annual maintenance will help to reduce your costs by keeping your warranty in place, reducing the energy needed to cool your business due to cleaning, and catching parts that are worn out and starting to fail before they begin to cause a problem.
  5. Reduce emergency service requests. By keeping up with your annual service appointments, you may reduce the number of emergency service calls you will make throughout the year. This is because the things that are just starting to become an issue are repaired or replaced during your appointment instead of failing in the middle of the season.
  6. Extend the life of the unit. Your commercial air conditioner is like a car in the fact that regular maintenance can extend the life of it.

Emergency Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

When it is 100 degrees outside, air conditioning is a must. However, those 100 degree days seem to be the days that your air conditioner fails. When your office is heating up and your employees are getting uncomfortable and becoming unproductive, Modern Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help. Our air conditioner repair technicians take great pride in their work, meaning you’ll get quality service that you can count on for the rest of the season. So, whether you have a leaky refrigerant coil, a busted air handler or a malfunctioning compressor, call Modern! Our expert air conditioner repair technicians will quickly find and diagnose your problems and fix them the first time, so you can be comfortable all season long!

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