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Daikin has held a strong commitment to quality, service and innovation since its inception. It is this commitment that has allowed us to become the premier Daikin HVAC contractor in the Des Moines area. We are able to offer our customers a complete parts + labor warranty – which is the best in the business.  

The group philosophy of the company includes:

  • Being a flexible and dynamic organization

  • Allowing employees to be the driving force for the success of the company

  • Creating new value continuously for customers

  • Developing world-leading, energy-saving technology

  • Thinking globally and acting locally

  • Fostering an atmosphere of best practices, boldness and innovation

Modern Mechanical 12 Year Comfort Guarantee

Modern Heating and Air Conditioning offers customers a 12-year complete warranty on all parts and services. We can also finance your system(s) and maintenance plan(s) across 12 years to give you one low monthly payment. If you are thinking about moving, don’t worry. The warranty is transferrable! Give us a call today with any questions you have about this great warranty with a fantastic product.

*Must use our minimum maintenance plan to keep warranty valid.