Maintenance on your heating and cooling systems are usually done once a year; air conditioner in the spring and your heating unit in the fall. Other than that, many people wonder if there outside unit may need to be covered during the cold months.

There are more reasons than one to cover your outside air conditioning unit and that doesn’t involve wintry weather. Your unit is made to withstand the cold: rain and snow. However, your unit is not built to withstand the leaves, seeds, or nuts that it is exposed to in the fall.

The fall is the time to cover your outside unit to protect it from those harmful things. If leaves and seeds do get into your unit they can cause moisture, which will result in corrosion. They could potentially block the built-in water drainage system inside the unit.

If you decide to cover your air conditioner this fall, only cover the top. If you decide to make your own cover rather than purchase one, know that it should only come down over the unit about 6 inches. Covering the unit completely will trap moisture in the inside, which can cause in rust and/or corrosion.

Ultimately your air conditioner is built to withstand the elements so a cover is not necessary. If you do decide to cover it fall is the only time a cover would be needed on your outside unit. Most importantly don’t forget to remove the cover in the springtime – if you forget, that can lead to costly service call.

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