Bathroom Exhaust Fans: Do You Need Them?

The simple and quick answer is YES! Having a bathroom exhaust fan in your home is an important necessity for more than one reason.  You’ll notice that most homes come with exhaust fans already in the bathroom, but not all of them do their job. Getting the right exhaust fan for your bathroom with all the necessary functions will help you to avoid costly repairs down the road.

The Purpose of an Exhaust Fan

Its primary purpose is to remove moisture from the bathroom. They also remove and control the odors that a bathroom creates.

Humidity Reduction

One of the most important purposes is reducing humidity. Moisture in bathrooms can wreck walls by causing paint to peel. Mold is also a factor than can be caused by moisture in bathrooms. Once mold starts to grow in your bathroom it can be hard to get out it without paying a small fortune.

Odor Control

A large reason for exhaust fans is odor control. An good exhaust fan can withdraw an unpleasant odor from the bathroom.

Fumes and Safety

When cleaning your bathroom strong chemicals may be used which could cause health problems if ingested. The exhaust fan can help to eliminate those harmful chemicals in the air.

Don’t fail to use an exhaust fan just because you think they’re noisy and annoying. That is only a common problem when the fan is not properly installed. Let our professionals handle it for you.

Installing the right bathroom exhaust fan can help to eliminate any and all of the problems stated above. Give us a call today for more exhaust fan questions!