Professionals say that you should be changing your air filter at least once every 1-2 months depending on your environment—climate, pets, etc. Most people think that you change your air filter to achieve cleaner air in your home. While this is true, we actually want you to change your air filters so that you are not damaging your AC system! An air filter is put in place to prevent damage, so using the wrong air filter can cause more damage than it can good.


Air Filters Protect Your Air Conditioner
As mentioned above an air filter is set in place to help protect your air conditioner. They ‘re also there to help reduce allergens in the air. Without an air filter, your air conditioner could suck in all sorts of damaging particles—not good!

Air conditioners need a sufficient amount of air flowing through its system. This is why it is strongly suggested to change out that air filter every month or so. When an air filter is too dirty, it can stop the airflow to your AC and let damaging debris through and possibly even freeze up the coil.


Upgrading Your Air Filter
Dirty air filters are not the only things that can stop airflow to your AC system, so can the wrong sized or rated filter. The fibers in an air filter when wrongly sized or rated can stop airflow from efficiently passing through to your AC.

Checking the minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV of your air filter can help you to see how well it will fit in into your system. The most common AC filter has about a 1-4 MERV, an AC system can hold up to a MERV 8.

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