Choosing the exterior of your home is one of the hardest decisions. It’s important to think beyond just the aesthetics of your paint choice because, guess what, the color you choose for your exterior can have an affect on your energy bill. Below we have some tips for choosing the right color for making your home energy efficient.


If your home is in a warmer area, having light colored walls is your best option for maximized efficiency. While darker colors maintain heat better, lighter paint can keep a home cooler in the summer. Darker colored exterior paint can absorb up to 90% of the energy from the sun, while a lighter exterior color impacts your indoor comfort more, especially in the summer months.

Some of the best exterior colors are white, light grey, beige, or lighter neutrals. A neutral shade has universal appeal, more complimentary roof colors, and won’t date your home. Light exteriors on homes give a fresh and clean appearance that a darker color may not.


Just like your exterior color, having a light to medium roof color is best for homes in warmer areas.  A third of unwanted heat in your home comes through your roof.  It would be economical to choose a roof color that is lighter to deflect the unwanted heat from coming into your home through your roof. Colors that can reduce the heat by 30% in your home are white, medium grey, or a steel roof.

Accent Colors

If you decided to have a lighter colored roof and a neutral exterior, then you can save the darker colors for your accents.

While choosing your exterior, roof, and accent colors is completely up to you, it doesn’t hurt to know how energy efficient plays a role. Call us today with more energy efficient questions!