The Iowa heat is coming and you might be worried about how much money you will be spending on air conditioning this summer. Are you looking for new ways to improve you AC’s performance? The solution just might be a zone control or dual zone system, which can be installed in your existing air conditioning unit. A zoned control system allows you to exercise more control than what you would previously be able to when it comes to cooling your home or commercial space. Keep reading to learn more about how a zone control system might just save you money this summer.

Control Over Individual Rooms

A zoned control system is a series of dampers that are placed in specific points within your duct system. This divides your home into different sections, generally by individual rooms or levels. Each damper will come with its own thermostat, allowing you the power to adjust the temperature in each zone. This system works directly with your existing system, so there is no need to upgrade or replace your current air conditioner to take advantage of this money-saving feature. We add it to your system as-is, so there no need to replace anything major.

Is A “Zoned” System Right for You?

Before you decide if a zoned HVAC system is right for your home or office, ask yourself these seven questions:

  1. Do some areas of your home or office get hotter or colder than others?
  2. Does your home or office have multiple stories?
  3. Does your home or office have vaulted ceilings or a loft?
  4. Do you have any rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows?
  5. Do some parts of your home get used infrequently?
  6. Does a portion of or all of your home or office lay over a basement?
  7. Do certain members of your family have different temperature needs than others?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then it is probably worth giving us a call to learn more about the possibility of installing a zoned system to your heating and air conditioning system.

The Benefits

The main benefit to the zoned HVAC system is that individuals can control the temperature of the space they are in. You can have family members in different rooms in the house with the temperature they are most comfortable with. The real value of this system is that it allows you to turn off parts of your home, without affecting the performance of your furnace or air conditioner and furthermore will also lower the amount of energy being used and lower your monthly utility bill.

Give us a call today to learn if a zoned system is right for you!